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Why It’s Important To Choose The Right Tennis Coach

Are you thinking about getting your child into tennis or looking at making a change? Have you done a lot of research on your child’s tennis coach or have you just chosen the closest tennis venue to you…

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Play Tennis, Live Longer – How Private Tennis Coaching Can Help Extend Your Life

Do you have a friend that consistently waxes lyrical about how good they feel after playing tennis? Well it turns out they they have a point! The results are in, and science is telling us that tennis is…

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Private vs Group Tennis Lessons – Which has better value?

Private lessons or group lessons – which is more beneficial for a tennis players development? It’s the fundamental question that must be answered when you are looking to get you or your child tennis lessons. The answer is…

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Top 3 Tips To Improve Your Doubles Game

[Recreational & Competitive Tennis Players] Here are our Top 3 Tips to improve your Doubles game! 1) The Serve: Are you tired of JUST getting the serve in and want to start winning some FREE points? Why not…

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Tennis Racquet Restringing – When should you get it done?

Broken strings

Why do your tennis racquet strings always break at the worst possible time? It’s 4-all in the deciding set of an important tennis match that you’ve been training hard for and suddenly your strings break. You don’t have…

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Why Your Child Should Be Playing Tennis Or Getting Tennis Lessons.

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The formative years during primary school and early-secondary school are a crucial time when it comes to developing the skills necessary to be a successful athlete. Both psychologically and physiologically, tennis promotes the development of a wide array…

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Deliveroo, Airtasker, Vamos: Why delivering a service or product to the customer is becoming more popular

The success of service delivery companies such as Deliveroo and Airtasker, the time poor nature of every day Australians and the high density of under utilised tennis courts in the Gold Coast region were all factors that lead…

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