Northern Sydney’s Top 3 Tennis Courts

Get the Pimm’s out, dust off your finest white linen, break out the boat shoes and get ready to hit the northern suburbs of the harbour city. The northern suburbs of Sydney are home to some of the best residential, apartment & hotel tennis courts in Australia. The combination of picturesque surroundings, breathtaking views, brevity to the CBD and wonderful tennis facilities means that residents and guests are spoilt for choice. Let’s get into it!


Suburb: Wollstonecraft

Wondakiah is a residential estate located a few kilometres north of Sydney’s CBD. There are 10 buildings in the estate, all named after flowers, and boast almost 300 luxurious apartments. Stretching over 6.8 hectares, Wondokiah has amazing views and fantastic facilities for residents and guests to take avantage of. An indoor heated pool, gym, spa, 2 outdoor pools and 4 (yes, 4) championship quality tennis courts. Check out their website here.

Kenthurst Residential Court

Suburb: Kenthurst

Sitting a little west of the north of Sydney, this residential court located in Kenthurst makes the list for 2 reasons. 

  1. The property boasts 2 tennis courts. 1 is synthetic grass, but the other is actually made of the exact acrylic plexicushion that is used for the courts at the Australian Open. 
  2. That’s pretty serious stuff right? The reason that is the case is the former owner is Lleyton Hewitt – former world no. 1, multiple grand slam winner and current coach of the Australian Davis Cup team. 

The 2 hectare property probably boasts one of the best tennis courts in Australia that isn’t located at Melbourne Park. Fancy a hit there? You can have a crack at purchasing it for a cheeky 5 million…

Huntleys Cove Estate

Suburb: Huntleys Cove

Huntleys Cove is a small suburb located north-west of Sydney’s CBD. Made up of just under 800 residents, there is a mix of apartments, townhouses and a small number of homes. It is one of Sydney’s most expensive suburbs, and has access to all 13 hectares of picturesque Riverglade Reserve. All residents have access to 2 tennis courts, gym, spa, pool and a clubhouse.

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