Private Tennis Lessons

Benefits of Private Tennis Coaching

Private tennis coaching is simply a one-on-one tennis lesson that is individually tailored to improve your whole game.

Whether you want to be a social tennis player, compete at local or national tournaments or just be able to beat your friends, we can help you reach your goals.

Suitable For All Ages

Private tennis lessons are offered for people of all ages from 4 to 100 years old. We recommend 1 x 60 minute private lesson per week in addition to match play.

Rapidly Improve Your Tennis

For players wanting to get to that next level faster, we recommend 2 sessions per week in addition to match-play.

If you have a busy schedule and just want to fine tune your game, then one lesson per fortnight is also an option as well.

Get More Value From Tennis Lessons

The fundamental benefit you are receiving when you pay for private tennis lessons is simple – time.

The player is receiving 100% of the coach’s time and effort where they will be sharing their years of experience and expertise in a personalised and individualised setting.

Better Than A Group Lesson

In a group lesson, you are sharing that time with up to 7 other players. Despite being a cheaper option, does your group lesson really give you the same amount of benefit as a private lesson would?

Check out blog post that covers the advantages and disadvantages of group coaching vs private tennis lessons.

Book Now!

Book a private lesson and we will bring the tennis to you. As a fully mobile tennis provider, we can come to any tennis courts that you prefer to deliver your lessons.

For more information about the locations we can service, please check out our Gold Coast tennis venues or our Brisbane tennis venues.

For any further information or enquiries, please contact us or call us on 0405 611 980.