Tennis Racquet Restringing

Restringing That Comes To You!

Not only does Vamos offer World Class Tennis Coaching that comes to you, we also offer a mobile Tennis Racquet restringing service.

We will travel within a 15 kilometre radius of Surfers Paradise to your location, pick up your racquet and discuss specifications, have the racquet strung to a precise tension and promptly returned back to you.

When should you restring your racquet?

  1. The rule of thumb is, you should string your racquets the same amount of times a year as you play per week. For example, if you play twice per week you should restring your racquet twice per year.
  2. If your strings are getting too loose, you’re losing control and you hear a ‘thud’ sound when you hit the ball, it’s time for a restring!
  3. Haven’t played in year? Even if you haven’t hit one shot, your strings will lose tension over time. Even a great racquet won’t perform if your strings have lost tension. After all, your strings are the only thing that touches the ball!
  4. Or lastly, if your strings have just broken while you were playing.

Read our article on the signs that you need a restring.

So why wait? Book in for a restring today!

Available String

We currently stock the following string:

Yonex Poly Tour Pro 130 16 Yellow String
Yonex Poly Tour Pro 120 is a softer playing poly string. This one is very, very spin-friendly. Power players will love the control and feel they get from all areas of the court. A solid, durable string that is a great choice for aggressive, big hitting players. As used by ATP player Nick Kyrgios.

Yonex Dynawire 1.30 16 String
This premium solid core string is made with a high polymer nylon, giving it a crisp response. The core is surrounded by a thin metal film for added power, and the coating has a silicon treatment in order to help the strings snap back on contact. With its great all-around playability and high comfort level, this is a very solid option for non string breakers.

Yonex Poly Tour Spin G 1.25 16L Red String Reel
Attention topspin players! Yonex Poly Tour Spin G is uniquely qualified to grab and rotate a tennis ball. With its pentagonal shape, it comes with 5 sharp edges for ripping into the felt. To help increase ball rotation, this advanced co-poly comes with a special silicone oil infusion to enable the strings to slide out of position and snap back with vicious force. In addition to its impressive spin potential, Poly Tour Spin G is firm and low-powered, giving advanced players the freedom to take massive cuts at the ball. Ultimately, this is a great option for big hitters who want spin, control and durability.


Standard Package:
$45 including string, labour and Pick Up/Drop Off within 15km radius of Surfers Paradise. 48 hour turnaround

Premium Package
$55 including string, labour, new grip, Pick Up/Drop off within 20km radius of Surfers Paradise. Next day delivery

Have your own string? Minus $10 from either of the packages and we can get your racquet strung for you!

Do you currently receive coaching with Vamos? Then you automatically receive 10% off your restring!