Top 3 Tips To Improve Your Doubles Game

[Recreational & Competitive Tennis Players]

Here are our Top 3 Tips to improve your Doubles game!

1) Serving in Doubles:
Are you tired of JUST getting the serve in and want to start winning some FREE points?
Why not try adding some slice (side spin) to your serve to jam your opponent or get them off balance!

– Check your grip is in the continental position (hammer grip, pointer knuckle on second edged bevel)
-Make sure you position your stance more side on (closed stance)
– Don’t decrease the amount of power you would normally use, just INCREASE the amount of spin
– The most important aspect in executing a slice serve is the racquet edge-first position during the swing. Edge-first position means that the side of the racquet head is the one facing the ball instead of the racquet face or string bed.
– Just before contact, the hitting arm elbow should straighten, the edge-first position starts to change and the racquet angle starts to slightly face the ball.
– You should strike the ball at the centre, brushing it towards a 3 o’clock position
– Follow through should be on the left side of your body (right hander) just like all other serves.

2) Return in Doubles:
Does your return often get picked off by the opposition volleyer or do you make too many unforced errors when under pressure? Let’s stay focused, have proper positioning and set ourselves up for the best chance to make a strong return.

– Make sure you stay alert and make sure you are switched on for every point.
– Try and look for patterns in your opponents serving game. If they like to serve everything to your forehand, get in a position that will give you a good chance to get that first shot back
– As the serve is made, take a step forward, split step to prepare yourself for the return just as the server makes contact, once the ball has come off the strings you should know whether it will be a forehand or backhand return and push off in that direction.
– Watch the ball onto the bounce, and if you can, make the decision to move forward and take the ball on the rise to take time away from your opponent.
– Use your opponents power to direct the ball deep cross court if they are staying back or onto the service line if they are serve volleying.
– Don’t try and add power to an already powerful serve. If it is a second serve, add extra spin to the ball to get it to dip just before the baseline or at your opponents feet if serve-volleying.

3) Poaching the volley in Doubles:
Does your partner often hit a great serve forcing your opponent to lob the ball up cross-court and you stand still like a statue?
Work out the best time to cross over onto your partners side and poach the volley to win the rally.

– Being aggressive at the net when your teammate is serving can give your team a lot of easy points. Not only will you put away easy volleys off your partner’s serve, it will also put more pressure on the receiver to hit more angle on their returns
– You want to protect your doubles alley. If you have poached a couple of times already, your opponent may try and take advantage if you leave too early. If your partner serves up the middle it will be harder for the returner to pass you down the line.
– If the receiver hits a weak return, step quickly and go for the volley. Your aim should be to volley at the feet of the non-receiver forcing that person to make an error or pop the ball up for an easy put away volley.
– Most of all, try and poach as much as you can. It’s always better to go for the volley and miss than to not have tried at all.

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