Vamos Australia: The Inspiration Behind Our Name

People routinely ask us, β€œWhy did you choose the name Vamos?”. It’s either that or they completely butcher the pronunciation… We have heard it all before!


Our branding and on court coaching philosophy draws heavy inspiration from Spain and their coaching methodologies. Vamos is a spanish word that is cried out on tennis courts across the world to signify ‘lets go!’… usually after winning an important point.

But more specifically, the spanish method of teaching tennis to players is what that word signifies to us. Despite being minute in size, Spain is undoubtedly the world’s foremost tennis powerhouse. But why?


Go through the list of prominent Spanish professionals over the years and one trait shines through – consistency. The Spanish approach to tennis is heavily focused on consistency and the idea of being ‘solid’ on all fronts. Fewer errors = more points won.

Control and consistency tends to alleviate anxiety and instills confidence in a player. Even at the beginner & intermediate levels, striving to be consistent allows tennis to be more enjoyable. Nobody wants to step on court for a hit and be nervous about hitting a specific shot.


Consistent players win more matches. But that doesn’t mean the Spanish approach neglects the development of weapons. In a recent poll on our Instagram story, we asked our followers who they thought had the better forehand… Roger Federer or Rafael Nadal. The winner of the poll? Rafa!

Which Forehand Is Better?

With the confidence that consistency brings comes the ability to build weapons. That usually comes in the form of the forehand wing, which is generally a lot easier to develop into a weapon for most people. The Spanish approach for developing weapons is focused on topspin and acceleration, something that is useful to players of all standards. We love to help our players develop consistency and then build weapons they can use to win more points.

Movement & Defence

One of the most neglected aspects of tennis is the development of movement. The Spanish approach heavily focuses on footwork, anticipation and reading of the point. Good movement & footwork allows a player to be in a stronger position and therefore allows them to hit a better shot. We aim to incorporate movement development into players of all standards in order to improve their game.

The Spanish also lock down on D! Making your opponent hit 1, 2 or 3 extra shots through good defence is a fantastic way to draw errors and pile the pressure on them.

Vamos Australia

At Vamos Australia we strive to build on the strengths of the traditional Spanish system and build them into our own coaching philosophy on court. By incorporating spanish methodologies into our coaching, we are able to improve your game regardless of your age or ability level. Not only that, we come to your tennis court at your residence, apartment or hotel to deliver the session in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or the Gold Coast.

Vamos. World-Class Tennis Coaching That Comes To You!

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