Back Into The Swing Of Things: How Private Tennis Lessons Will Fast-track Your Progress

With ALL Australian states having now begun the process of easing COVID-19 restrictions, normality can begin to return to some parts of society. This extends to the tennis court, where players can begin to make their return and create a plan of attack for a successful comeback to the sport.

Regardless of your age or ability level, a successful return is contingent on your ability to prioritise certain aspects of training that will yield the most benefits in the shortest time frame.

Basically, you want to return to the form you were in prior to your time spent off court whilst keeping opportunity costs low. You want to create a training regime which maximises cost-effectiveness and improvements made.

This is where it’s imperative you integrate private (1 on 1) tennis coaching into your comeback.

How Private Tennis Lessons Will Fast-track Your Progress

Technical Cleaning

After signifcant time off court, most tennis players’ returns will be earmarked by a deficiency in technique. Particularily if you are a beginner to intermediate level player, weeks & months off court can result in you feeling as if you have never played tennis before. Previous training seems to go out the window, and the possible seemingly becomes the impossible. This is where technical cleaning comes in – where your private coach can help eliminate the deficiencies in your swings and help groove the correct swing paths.


When you purchase a private tennis lesson, you receive 60 minutes of the coaches personalised attention. That time is solely focused on you for the entire 60 minutes of the private lesson and you will therefore improve at a faster rate compared with sharing that lesson time with other players.

Plus, if you have a tennis court at your residence, apartment or hotel in any of our locations – your Vamos coach helps save you time by coming to your court for your lesson.


It’s simple, really – it comes down to numbers. The fundamental thing you are purchasing when you pay for tennis lessons is simple – time. In terms of value, let’s look at a standard group lesson price – $25 – vs an average private lesson price – $80. 60 minutes of personalised attention yields greater cost-effectiveness for $80 than the corresponding 60 minutes of personalised attention in group lessons would yield.

Personalisation & Adaptation

Tennis players are unique and the remedies required to fast-track their progress therefore need to be invidiualised. This is where private coaching in a 1 on 1 setting is so beneficial, because your coach is able to adapt and personalise the session based on your game without the worry of leaving other players behind. This will, in turn, produce faster results and have you returning to the form you were in prior to your extended time off court.

YOUR Coach

Your Private Coach is there to answer all of your questions, and impart as much expertise and wisdom as they can. In a 1 on 1 environment, the dialogue is more open and there is ample opportunity for you to gain as much insight and knowledge as possible.

When you add all these benefits up, it’s easy to see why 1 on 1 private coaching is the best way to fast-track your progress on the tennis court.

Looking for world-class private tennis coaching that comes to you? Head to our Book A Coach Form and try Vamos at your court.

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