Tennis At Home: 10 Individual Tap Up Progressions For Kids

Whilst uncertainty hangs over Australia and the rest of the world due to the onset of Coronavirus, there is one thing that is certain – there is going to be plenty of time spent at home for Aussie kids over the coming months. You can check out the full restrictions and recommendations of the Australian government regarding COVID-19 here. Tennis Australia has suspended all large Tennis operated events, competitions and tournaments until further notice in order to hasten the spread of COVID-19 and reduce the strain on Australia’s healthcare system (check out their full statement here). Just a reminder, all Vamos coaching is on and we will continue to safely deliver world-class tennis coaching to you at your residential, apartment or hotel court across all of our locations. With that in mind, and with school holidays coming up, we’ve come up with 10 easy tap up progressions that your kids can practice at home in order to improve their skills. 

These tap up levels are designed for kids to be able to practice and achieve individually, so there is no partner necessary! If they do have access to a sibling, friend or even you as a partner, try doing the same progressions but adding the partner in. Regardless of your child’s age or ability level, the tap up level’s are scalable and progress from easiest to hardest. Try getting your kids to progress through the levels and scale the number of tap ups to their individual skill level. We recommend trying to get to 10 for each level, but scale that to your child’s proficiency. It is vital that the goals are achievable and the progressions are not too difficult to master. 

Level 1: Throw & Catch (Bounce)

Level 2: Throw & Catch (Full)

Level 3: Racquet Head Control

Level 4: Tap Up with Trap

Level 5: Tap Up Rally (Bounce)

Level 6: Tap Up Rally (Full)

Level 7: Tap Up Rally (Flip)

Level 8: Tap Up Rally (Strings & Edge Bounce)

Level 9: Tap Up Rally (Edge On The Bounce)

Level 10: Tap Up Rally (Edge On The Full)

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