Why You Should Be Playing Tennis (You’re NEVER Too Old To Start)

Are you over 35 & Looking to start or restart tennis later in life? Vamos makes it easy. It’s never too late to add a new activity to your life or pick up one you may have dropped some time ago. Here’s why learning tennis and/or improving your game with Vamos is the perfect way to keep your body AND mind healthy as you age.

Vamos Coaches Cater To Any Ability Level

It’s a common assumption to relate decreased physical activity and declining health with the normal aging process. But head down to your local tennis court, and you’re very likely to see someone in their 6th, 7th or even 8th decade chasing down the fuzzy yellow ball. Competitive tennis & tennis lessons are a highly popular pastime for men & women as they head past 35, and there’s a couple of key reasons why you should be playing tennis too.

Lean & Mean

Tennis Helps Lower Your Body Fat %

This study shows tennis players aged between 31 and 55 had below average body fat compared to athletes in other sports. A lower body fat % helps reduce your risk of obtaining high-risk diseases & afflictions such as diabetes, high blood pressure and heart attacks. And because tennis is a low-impact sport, your joints will stay healthy and mobile. 

Vamos Comes To You

We Come To You

Whether you’re a complete beginner, or coming back to the sport later in life, tennis lessons can be a daunting prospect. The thought of being analysed, put under pressure and potentially ridiculed in a foreign setting means that it is tough for adult beginners and those not confident in their game to start tennis lessons. That’s why Vamos makes it easy. Our Head Coaches will come to your residential, apartment or hotel court and deliver a world-class session. Whether you’re craving some one-on-one attention, or looking to share the lessons with up to 3 friends, Vamos is the perfect way to hit the court and learn in the comfort of your own environment. 

The Social Network

Learn & Improve Your Game In Comfort

A study from Denmark concluded tennis may extend your life by up to 10 years. Exercise has been shown to increase life expectancy by 1-1.5 years, but tennis ranks highest among all sports. The study concluded that the sports with the higher benefits had a larger amount of social interaction. Tennis is a fantastic way to meet new people, interact with your Vamos Head Coach or even invite friends or neighbors over for a hit on your court. 

Location, Location, Location

We Service 6 Locations In Australia

Vamos has experienced, friendly and reliable Head Coaches in 6 locations in Australia – Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast & Brisbane. With over 60 5 star Google reviews, we pride ourselves on being the highest rated tennis coaching company in Australia. 

Tennis: A Sport For Life

A Sport For Life

Tennis is a sport which is never too late to learn or pick back up and will yield long term benefits. Why? It truly is a sport for life. The best part about tennis is you can learn and improve your game at any age. It’s low impact, has a tonne of mental and physical benefits, and you’ll be able to play the sport for years to come. Investing in your tennis game is a fantastic thing to do, and you’ll reap the benefits as you grow older

Want to try Vamos at your residential, apartment or hotel court? Fill out our booking form here. 

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