Why Your Child Should Be Playing Tennis Or Getting Tennis Lessons.

Tennis For Your Child

The formative years during primary school and early-secondary school are a crucial time when it comes to developing the skills of a child necessary to be a successful athlete.

Both psychologically and physiologically, tennis promotes the development of a wide array of skills that are helpful for a child both on and off the court.

Whether your child is already playing sport or if tennis will be their first foray into sport, tennis is a fantastic choice and getting tennis lessons with a qualified coach are a great way to start.

Research has shown that playing several sports during the formative years leads to a child developing significant physical and psychological advantages over a child that does not play multiple sports. The development of a wide array of skills is vital to a child’s future as a successful, well-rounded athlete.

Why Tennis?

Coach Andrew working with a young junior.Tennis, in particular, provides endless benefits for children during primary school and early-secondary school. Tennis coaching in conjunction with the ANZ Hot Shots Program encourages children to develop their coordination, gross & fine motor control, balance, acceleration, speed, agility and flexibility.

Looking at that list, its easy to see why the skills developed through the Hot Shots program would improve the performance of a child both on and off the court.

What is ANZ Hot Shots Tennis?

The ANZ Tennis Hot Shots Program is tennis for kids. It is a revolutionary way to teach children tennis, regardless of their age or ability. Kids are able to dive right into tennis in their first session and start experiencing all the benefits.

Hot Shots is played on a smaller court with modified equipment. This includes lighter and smaller racquets, lower nets and low compression balls that bounce lower. There are four stages that children move through (Blue, Red, Orange & Green) as they develop their skill set. The tennis coach facilitates the supportive environment necessary for children to progress successfully through these stages.

Tennis Teaches More Than Just Sporting Skills

Skills and strategies learnt on the tennis court can also be applied to life off the court. Through tennis, and more specifically the Hot Shots Program, decision-making skills are honed and stress-management encouraged as children learn quickly to adapt to different situations on the tennis court.

At its core, tennis encourages the development of a strong work ethic, sportsmanship and problem solving. The ability to work well in a team is also a vital component of a successful athlete, and tennis helps develop this attribute.

Overall, tennis is a fantastic sport to have your child involved with. Through the ANZ Hot Shots Program, children learn a wide array of skills necessary to be successful both on and off the court. The Hot Shots Program promotes the development of physiological and psychological skills during primary school and early-secondary school. It’s easy to see why tennis is a fantastic option for any child.

Mobile Tennis Coaching For Kids

At Vamos Australia, we offer World-Class Tennis Coaching for kids aged four and above. We can come to your Gold Coast Hotel, Apartment or Private Residential tennis court and deliver the session. See some of the suburbs we service.

We use the ANZ Tennis Hot Shots Program for our children’s tennis classes, delivered by fully qualified Tennis Australia coaches to ensure your child gets the best possible results from their tennis sessions.

Contact us today on 0405 611 307 or by filling out an enquiry form for more information.

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