Why It’s Important To Choose The Right Tennis Coach

Choosing the Right Tennis Coach

Are you thinking about getting your child into tennis or looking at making a change? Have you done a lot of research on your child’s tennis coach? Or have you just chosen the closest tennis venue to you and been allocated a coach? If you have a tennis court at your apartment, housing complex or private residence, why not get the best tennis coaches to come to you!

When choosing a tennis coach, customers that only see value in the cost of the private lesson may be at a disadvantage in the long run. Saving $10 or $20 per hour in the short term may actually cost you more if your child develops bad habits or poor technique and has to be corrected by another coach in the future.

Here are our Top 6 tips on how to choose the best private tennis coach for your child’s tennis development.

1. Qualifications and Recommendations

Tennis Australia Coaching Qualification –
Junior Development or Club Professional Coach qualifications are mandatory for all Vamos coaches. Making sure your coach is qualified, insured and screened is very important. You can also ask about previous coaching experience and history of developing players. Whether they have had students in talent projects such as Super 10s, Junior Development Series State Finals and Australian Ranked players. Word of mouth is another great way to ask other parents and families about their experiences with the coach. Checking online reviews, looking at their website and marketing materials all contribute to their credibility.

2. Coaching Methods

Does the coach teach the student so they are actually learning? Or is the coach always ‘telling’ the child what to do while they blankly nod their head? If a child doesn’t understand the ‘why’ of what they are learning, how are they able to problem solve on the court without the coach during matches? What is your coaches’ philosophy and their non-negotiables when teaching each student? Is the coach passionate about teaching tennis and all about the student’s individual needs or do they teach a one size fits all lesson? All Vamos coaches teach in a consistent way incorporating Australian & Spanish coaching techniques into each students game. Vamos coaches ask students lots of questions during each tennis lesson to ensure the child is learning, not just nodding along to what the coach is saying.

3. Will the coach care about my child?

The coach/player relationship is very important and could span over the period of a decade or more, so it isΒ  important to choose the right fit. The student has to feel comfortable, safe and able to communicate well with the coach. The role of a coach is not only to develop their tennis skills but also to increase self confidence of the player and help make the player more independent. They are a teacher, trainer and motivator, apply appropriate discipline, become a confidant and role model.

4. Is the coach organised, professional, reliable and trustworthy?

All Vamos coaches will communicate openly and honestly with players and parents. Vamos coaches strive to be on time, organised with lesson scheduling and to keep the player and parent up to date with progress. All Vamos coaches are consistent in their teaching methods and share the same high level of passion for the sport. Vamos coaches will always be dressed and groomed professionally. Vamos coaches are setup for the tennis lesson on time, have lesson plans organised and run according to the scheduled time. With many years of coaching experience in Australia and overseas, your child is in good hands with a Vamos coach.

5. Does the coach communicate well with the player and parent?

A coach that is a great communicator is good at speaking and listening. Vamos coaches are clear and concise, don’t spend long periods of time talking at the student. Instead they are leading the player in the direction they need to go and helping them to solve a problem. Great coaches aren’t determined by what they teach but by what the player learns. Vamos coaches are positive, non-judgemental and they are good at giving and receiving feedback.

6. Does your child love attending private tennis lessons with the coach?

Vamos tennis lessons are fun and welcoming for the player. Vamos coaches create an environment that encourages learning in a fun and engaging way. The player will always learn more when they want to be on the tennis court, embrace taking on tasks that are set and enjoy being with their coach. The role of a great tennis coach is to help individuals become responsible and independent. In addition, we make them capable of making their own decisions and giving them the knowledge and confidence to solve any problems that arise on court.

Vamos coaches are motivated to help your child reach their tennis potential and care about each student we teach. Private tennis lessons give your child the opportunity to reach their potential faster than group lessons.

If you want to get your child into the best private tennis coaching book your introductory session today! Only $90 for 2 x 60 minute sessions. We come to your court at any Private Residence, Apartment or Housing complex in Brisbane or on the Gold Coast. We guarantee your child’s satisfaction and we believe we can help every child reach their tennis potential.

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